Flatiron Magazine, New York, Summer 2001

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When an Indian stall keeper handed Thitz
some of her shopping bags so the
young art student would have paper to
draw on, she may in fact have helped
to create a new art form: Global Bag Art.

The spirit of that early encounter has ruled
the German artist's work ever since.
Using his paper bags from around the world
as canvases that travel lightly,
Thitz turns his creations into ambassadors
of goodwill between countries and

  "I want my bags to tell the stories of one
place to the people of another. I want them to
make people see themselves as citizens of
this world - beyond country and nationality,
religion or color of the skin."

Can a humble shopping bag be used as a
language for global communication? Can an
international dialogue be started with paper
and paint? Thitz believes the answer is yes.
And while we in New York are introduced to his
work for the very first time, he's off to Rabat in
Morocco.On paper bag business, of course...