Dr.Stephan Mann, Director Museum Goch 2016
Prof. Dr. Meinrad Maria Grewenig, 2016 (Germany)
Dr. Julia Klarmann, Berlin 2015 (in German)
Dr. Stephan Mann, director Museum Goch
Antje Lechleiter, Städt. Galerie Lahr 2015 (in German)
Mira Hofmann M.A; cultural scientist 2018
Dr. Norbert Michels, Direktor Anhaltische Gemäldegalerie 2010 (in German)
Ricarda Geib "The future is now" Text in the Book: " Bags and Miracles" 2010
Frau Dr. Hoffmann Director of the Museen Waiblingen 27.10.2010 (in German)
Guy Féaux de la Croix ATHENS 2008 (Vice Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Athens) english
Mrs. Anja Wenn Curator of "Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe Germany"
Mrs. Gerlinde Brandenburger-Eisele (Director Museum Offenburg) 2006 (in German)
Prof. Helmut Linneweber-Lammerskitten, 2003 (Bern Swizerland )
Katharina Winterhalter, 2007 (in German)
Curator Ivo Kranzfelder (München) 2002 (in German only)
Dr. Helmut Herbst, Director of the Museum Waiblingen (2001)
Mr.Otto Pannewitz 2001 Director of the City Gallery of Sindelfingen, Lütze Museum (Germany)
Professor Sotirios Michou (Stuttgart) 1996
Mrs Sofi Daskalaki -Mytilineou President of the Cultural Centre of the City of Athens 2008 in GREEK only
Mr.Christos Michalopoulos,Art Critic (in GREEK only)
Mrs. Carla Baer Manolopoulou, President of Clean up Greece (in GREEK)
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